Jiamusi Steam Generator Company

Steam in Northern China, November 1999

We Provide Services for maintenance, overhauling, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing Power, Cement Beverage, Food and other plants.<br /><br />We Provide maintenance, overhauling, rehabilitation and upgradingturbine, services for Turbines, Generators, Boiler, Large Size Motors and Pumps.<br /><br />Maintenance, Overhauling, Rehabilitation, Upgrading Services Provider from China, We

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Canadian Power Utility Services Limited

Steam production: 37.5, 47 kg/h. Power: 350 W. Pressure: 10 bar. The Combijet JS D10 Steam Generator with Diesel Fuel Boiler – double Operator is ideal for heavier duty cleaning within the construction sector, at hotels, pools and even the pharmaceutical sector.

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Ying Jian Zhang, Executive Director & Senior Vice President at …

two 25MW backpressure steam turbine generators. The maximum design heating capacity is 196 MW and the designed heat-supply area will be 4.7 million m2. Moreover, 56 scattered and low efficiency coal-fired small boilers are planned to be removed upon

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